Our vision

Mooring Service is part of the safe maneuver for sea vessels and the ports, and thus part of the safety and ease of shipping. The focus is on the satisfaction of our customers by constantly meeting their requirements. Through regular exchanges, we aim to ensure that we achieve the highest quality occupational health and safety, environmental protection and health protection in the performance of our work.

Our story

The German Boat Association (GBA), formerly known as the Verband der deutschen Festmacher (VDF), has a long history of representing and supporting the mooring industry in Germany. Founded in the 1950s, the organization has developed into the leading voice for mooring in Germany. Throughout its history, the GBA has worked to promote safe and efficient mooring practices and advocate for fair regulations and guidelines in the industry. The association has played a key role in shaping the development of the mooring industry in Germany and works closely with government agencies and other interest groups to promote growth and innovation.

In addition to its work on behalf of the industry, the GBA also offers a variety of services to its members such as training and certification programs, networking opportunities, and access to industry-specific resources and information. These offerings allow members to improve their skills and expand their knowledge base to perform their duties safely and efficiently. The GBA has helped to educate the public about the importance of mooring work and the challenges facing the industry. The association helps to raise awareness of the significance of the mooring industry and emphasize its contribution to the safety and reliability of traffic on waterways. Today, the GBA is a respected organization that advocates for and supports the interests of mooring in Germany, enabling them to perform their work safely and efficiently.

Our team

Here we introduce our team, whose individual skills and experience contribute to the success of the association. Get to know us and discover why
our team is the driving force behind the GBA's success.

  • Hans Oestmann 1. chairman

    Managing Partner HLM Hamburg Lines Men GmbH

  • Kai Trenner 2. chairman

    Managing Partner KSK Kai-Service-Kiel Ostufer GmbH

  • Timo A. Schön Secretary

    Managing Director, Jade-Dienst GmbH

  • Nico Andritter-Witt Treasurer

    Managing Director der H. Schramm Towage GmbH & Co. KG