EMT Transporte - Heiko Ederleh & Knud Müller GbR

EMT Transporte - Heiko Ederleh & Knud Müller GbR

Hafenstraße 1000
27498 Helgoland

Phone: +49 (0) 4725 313
E-Mail: frachttransporte@emt-helgoland.de

Web: https://emt-helgoland.de

EMT – I can’t doesn’t exist!

EMT (Ederleh Müller Transport) is a company that specializes in carrying out transport and warehouse logistics. EMT offers comprehensive solutions for the transport logistics of all types of goods, both nationally and internationally. This includes truck transport, rail transport, sea and air freight as well as warehouse logistics. EMT has a wide network of partners and agents and has earned a good reputation in the industry for its reliability and flexibility. EMT strives to meet the needs of its customers through innovative technologies and processes and to offer them an efficient and cost-effective logistics solution.