Jade-Dienst GmbH

Jade-Dienst GmbH

Schleusenstra├če 22 A
26382 Wilhelmshaven

Phone: +49 (0) 4421 1545 0
E-Mail: info@jade-dienst.de

Web: https://www.jade-dienst.de

Your maritime service provider

Jade-dienst GmbH is a company that specializes in providing services in the areas of mooring, port services, engine workshop, steel construction and logistics. It offers a wide range of services for customers from different industries, such as mooring of ships and offshore facilities, maintenance and repair of mooring equipment, organization of berths, provision of supplies, handling of customs and immigration formalities and transport services. Jade-dienst GmbH has earned an excellent reputation in the industry thanks to its reliability, safety and specialist expertise.